Visit Momentary Bliss, your safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of modern living in the heart of Paradise Heights. Come and relax with us in the 'Serenary' of our beautiful gardens, re-invigorate yourself with one of our daily 'Enhancement Classes' or join us in the Momentary Bliss ‘Restoratorium' and find your best self. Our highly-trained re-alignment specialists will pin-point your worries, your short-comings and your cognitive manipulations and have you certified ‘special' in no time.

Classic Treatments:

Rainforest Treatment

Purify yourself with the virgin water of the Amazon. Experience the sounds and sensations of the rainforest and find your spirit animal in this unmissable treatment.

Dream Therapy

Ever had a dream that you just couldn’t decipher? Having a recurring nightmare? Or simply want to find a way to access that wonderful dream you had but couldn’t find again? Then this is for you.


Finding your best self has never been easier with the revolutionary treatment that opens you up physically, spiritually and emotionally to a whole new you that is better that old self you’ve been living with.

Specialist Treatments:


One of our most popular treatments, Purr-ification will unleash your inner peace through ancient cat vibration techniques.

Only available for Premium Cloud Members.

Re-Birth Ceremony

Go back to your most innocent self by being re-born as a brand new baby. We will ensure you are the purest you you can be. Smooth as a baby’s bottom and with all your faculties.

Only available when the Ether is in Retrograde.

Heart-Song Therapy

We spend far too much time chained to our devices and don’t listen to our inner selves anymore. This therapy will let you dock with your heart and hear what it is saying for the first time in years.

Only available by appointment. 

Specialist Classes


Learn to listen to your inner Chakras with this trail-blazing new class. It’s all in you!

Happy Clapping

Spread the clap with this innovative new class that shows you the joy that you can attain from spreading joy to others. A real feel-good session.

Himalayan Spoon Therapy

Offered as a class or a private treatment, this is the best way to re-align yourself. Taken from some of the greatest healers in the Himalayan mountains, let one of our re-alignment specialists take you on a journey… through your own body, to the core of being.

Mind Massage

Regular massages are so 2018. We are offering you the change to massage your body and your mind simultaneously! That’s two massages for the price of one!

Session costs double all other sessions.

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